Innovation & Creativity

Professional Training Program in Excellence in Education (PTPEE)

All the professional parties are strongly committed to improving quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in the education system. This programme’s mission is to understand and enhance learning and productive thinking (creative, critical,creative problem solving, and future problem solving) in all disciplines, at the individual and institutional levels. The training programme aims at expanding the teacher’s competencies.

Our training programmes, which include bothon-site and e-learning opportunities, are designed for new graduates as well as experienced teachers, principals, administrators, and policymakers.The focus of these workshops is to increase the educator's capacity to improve learning outcomes of all children.Through a variety of learning techniques, case studies, discussions, and small groups, participants will acquire new perspectives on leadership, deepen their repertoire of problem-solving skills, engage in personal reflection, and build strong professional networks.

  • Foster creativity in your school
  • Infuse creativity in each lesson
  • Identify children’s potential and needs for creative development
  • Apply to your context: “Divergent Thinking; Analogical – Metaphorical thinking; Classic Intelligence, IQ and Creativity”
  • Recognise the characteristics of gifted students
  • Explore models of leadership and its development
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Theis workshop will cover: the holistic approach to assessing organizational performance; the organization within its context, its environment, organization and its surrounding environment; the eight components of organizational capacity; the forces that drive organizations to excel; exploring methodological issues involved in carrying out organizational assessments,....

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Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder is, in fact, typically viewed as a "disorder", and certainly, hyperactive and inattentive children present some interesting challenges at home, at school, and in the community. This workshop highlights many of the problems. However, an attempt is also made to put a more positive spin on things by recasting reality and pointing to the creative strengths that frequently go hand in hand with the condition....

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What is PBL? What are some of the main features of PBL as an instructional approach? One of the most important features is that students have to be much more (cognitively) active in order to acquire knowledge. They have to find out what they do not know, and which information has to be actively searched (e.g., by formulating clear intentions and questions focusing on what to learn). At the same time, the role of teachers change to being a tutor that helps the students in pursuing their learning intentions (e.g. by providing the needed information sources, like textbooks or even lectures....

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The aims are to increase the self-efficacy of teachers towards their professional task; introduce teachers to a set of discrete skills and strategies whereby they may become more aware, knowledgeable as professionals and thereby more self-efficacious; establish the importance of higher order thinking capability as an element of skillful teaching; and by combining knowledge and understanding at this time raise skill levels in teachers....

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This workshop will examine the traits of Spiritual Intelligence (SI) as defined by Dorothy Sisk and E. Paul Torrance in their book Spiritual Intelligence: Developing Higher Consciousness. These traits can be used to help identify Spiritual Intelligence in gifted students. This workshop will focus on the importance of addressing Spiritual Intelligence as a natural fit for gifted students who want to make a difference. Seven specific ways educators can use to develop Spiritual Intelligence will be demonstrated....

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  • Workshop (1): Excellence in Education UAE : National Agenda
  • Workshop (2): Excellence and Change Management
  • Workshop (3): Excellence in the UAE : Innovation
  • Workshop (4): Innovation KPI’s

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