The reformation and development of human resources have become of the most important effective activities in the attainment of the institutional targets that aims at enhancing the institutional excellence and raising the institutions' competing ability regarding performance and achievements. As this civilized action requires sufficient information and data about the available human abilities; so, we see that creative profiler represents the most important and up to date achievement in this regard.

The UAE governmental trends and its eagerness in adopting creativity application is live and effective; it is clearly shown in the excellence prizes in the track of governmental performance which creates an environment of positive competition among the governmental and private organizations and institutions. Also, the development of creativity, excellence and innovation cycles gives a vivid indication and an accurate expression of this consideration.

According to the previous, the institutions and organizations seeking advancement internally on the local level and externally on the regional and international one should interact with the new systems and programs that present modern and innovative solutions in regard of evaluating the employees and getting introduced to the influential aspects that directly affect their creative and innovative levels.

Leading international universities have worked on developing tools and programs which help in developing the managers and employees at all levels and fields of profession. One of the most reputable and leading universities the Sorbonne University has worked on the development of the required tools to identify their inherent creative power so as to provide the suitable programs that help in possessing need adequacies (Knowledge – talents- experiences) for creativity and innovation. This tool is internationally known as Creative Profiler.

Creative profiler is considered the most modern international tool for measuring the individuals' co-native creativity. It has been designed and developed by Todd Lubart the most leading creativity and innovation researcher and professor. This tool is recognized as a scientific tool that is valuable and accredited from (Paris Descartes University) and The International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE).

Currently, any company, factory, bank or institution can diagnose its work force abilities by implementing this tool to measure the individual co native creativity. Through this application the decision makers can plan for the future and design strategic plans that make great use out of their human power and work force. In addition, identifying new chances of achievements which are up to innovation and creativity will not come true unless we present a complete diagnosis for the individuals' creative abilities on the one hand and providing and empowering the training programs on the other hand.

The strategic effect of applying this tool is shown via 10 dimensions of creation that are divided into two domains: the first is the cognitive domain and the second is the conative domain. This approach and its mechanics and outputs directly affect the strategic achievement quality and UAE accomplishments 2021. The accreditation of this tool guarantees the response to the modern needs of Human Resources in the governmental and private institutions.

Creativity, as scientists see it is "the individual's ability to present a creative product that is suitable for the context of (industry- agriculture- trade- services- occupations- business- banks- administrations- centers- governments- security systems- primary and secondary educational systems). But the creative process is a chain of ideas and actions that lead to a brand-new innovative product and suitable to the context.