Urdo Language

Poetry in the Urdu language is internationally famous, and has been prized not only within the society of Urdu speakers, but by many others. Widely recited and containing many forms, Urdu poetry has developed a rich and varied library of poems, and learning the Urdu language can open the doors to learning many beautiful pieces of literature.

Also, if you are a Muslim person or have an interest in the Islamic religion, then the Urdu language is so important to learn. There are many religious texts in Urdu, with the Urdu language holding the largest collection of Islamic literature besides Arabic. It is important to understand your personal history, and the Urdu language can help you to do so.

Aside from the religious aspects of the language, one must consider the amount of speakers. If you can speak Urdu, then you will also be able to understand the Hindi language. These two languages combined make up the fourth most spoken language in the world, after Mandarin, English and Spanish, so you are enabling yourself to speak to many people around the world if you learn the Urdu language.