Training Methodology

Our methodology is unique. Instead of simply designing a one-for-all training course, at California Learning Center we work closely with our clients to provide unique solutions looking to close any gaps they find in their knowledge, skills or their journey to reach their full personal professional potential. The process is divided into 4 steps.

The first step is to asses and understand our clients’ needs, what skills and knowledge they need and to provide the best information process.

Designing and developing the training course is the key to our success.By combining a varitey of learning methods and modern technology, we design programs specifically tailored to serve our clients’ needs and creating a unique learning and highly effective learning experience.

The time for lecturing and teachers speaking all the time is long gone. This is why at the California Learning Center we believe in the “Learning through work” method which will requires individuals to actively take part in the learning process through a series of real world tasks designed specifically to develop their skills in a practical and useful manner.

CLC use the latest training techniques like: studies, Multimedia, Role play, Group work, Discussions, Presentations, Practical activities, Critical Thinking exercises and focus on the positive attitude.

Measurement and follow up is by far the most important part to insure that the training has succeeded. By offering close interaction at the work place after the program ends and careful analyzing the results, we can maintain the needed and desired requirements while offering quickly on the spot analysis and feedback to continuously sustain the new adopted knowledge and its implementation at the work place.