Russian Language

While Russian is considered to be a “hard target” language, the Russian language would have to be one of the most important world languages in terms of modern historical events. Learning the Russian language opens up many areas of study, including those that are connected with modern history, geography, current events and languages. This is why Russian Studies is taught in many Western places of higher education; it is a language that is considered to be very useful in international studies.

The largest country in the world, Russia itself also has much to offer. With over 150 different ethnic groups in Russia, there is a long tradition of varied folk history. Russian architecture is also well known throughout the world as being beautiful and colorful, despite the often cold and snowy backdrop. Russian ballet, similarly, is renowned throughout the world as being one of the reasons people travel to Russia itself.

In terms of learning the language, there can be no doubt that the Russian language has some of the most influential and famous literary works of the last couple of centuries, so if you are of a literary or creative mind, then the Russian language is an excellent language to pick up.