Portuguese Language

The Portuguese language, as discussed, has a high level of intelligibility with Spanish. So by learning either the Spanish language or the Portuguese language, it is possible to understand both. While the Portuguese language has 240 million speakers, the Spanish language has around 500 million speakers, giving a combined total of around 740 million speakers.

Greece itself is a diverse and bustling country, drawing in over 16.5 million tourists a year. It is a surprising hotspot for Chinese tourists, with the many religious and historical buildings being a cultural magnet for many people. Given that some speakers of each of these languages might also be counted as speakers of the other language, we can round this figure down to 700 million, but that is still a considerable percentage of the total of people on the planet, with that figure currently at around 6.91 billion. This language, therefore, is one of the most useful that you can learn, not only for travel and leisure, but for business as well.