Japanese Language

The Japanese language is one that is very heavily based on politeness. There are many words that one can use, both in day to day situations and in formal ones that can show your respect to the speaker. Many of these are based on age, as respecting your elders is an integral part of Japanese community life, both in small villages and the big cities. As a newcomer to the language, you will be given a little bit of leeway in terms of understanding the various nuances of politeness, but as a sign of respect, it is best to learn about these terms before you speak with a Japanese speaker or go to the country of Japan.

Many Universities and higher education schools of study offer Japanese language courses, which are very popular throughout the world. Japan is a very individual country, and one that clearly holds a high level of fascination for many people. It enjoys a high level of comfort and technology at the same time as developing many entertainment avenues. By studying Japanese, one can become much more involved with aspects of the culture such as anime, manga comics, video games, Japanese films, and the wide range of literature that is available. The Japanese language is invaluable in understanding more of this unique and quirky culture.