Italian Language

Buon Giorno! Many people deem Italian this to be the most striking spoken language in the world. Visiting Italy is truly enjoyable, due to several of its features: the finest historical spots in Europe, museums, sculptures, paintings, monasteries, circuses and cathedrals. Italian cuisine is among the most delicious and enticing in the world. It is often regarded so highly that it is spoken of in the same way as the beautiful architecture! Italians are gorgeous and elegant as Italy has the world’s first class designers. Italy is judged in the top three in regards to health care. Italy is also among the top 10 tourists’ destinations in the globe.

The Italian language is intensely linked to art, specifically in regards to renaissance paintings, literature, sculpture, architecture. There are associations also with music, such as Verdi, Rossini for piano, Pavarotti (the renowned tenor), design (graphic, interior, furniture and fashion), and not forgetting the culinary arts and their delectable dishes.