Based on global and local trends in the field of innovation and starting orientation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, saying "We are living a new phase entitled Chief Innovation" The California Learning Center progress a step forward in this area in cooperation with international experts in the field of creativity and innovation:

1. International Center for Innovation in Education - Germany. (ICIE)

2. Paris Descartes University 5 (Sorbonne) - France.

In providing battery measuring creativity inherent is the first comprehensive tool and competence at the level of the measurement, analysis, and described the reservoirs creativity among age groups (male and female) from 5-18 years, with the preparation and development based on the latest theories and definitions and the results of scientific research in the field of this tool Psychology specialist aspects of creativity and at the hands of a group of scientists owners of global expertise specialists in this field, have been released from the international Center for innovation in Education. Translated to several languages: German, French, Turkish, English and Arabic.

Here comes the inherent value of the use of a battery measuring latent creativity which aims to evaluate the creative abilities inherent in children of school age and direct investment in education based on the description of the inherent creativity among the beneficiaries of the educational process.

This test has been applied in the United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey, Solvakia, Portugal, Poland, the United States, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, China, Taiwan.