Certified Innovation Trainer

مـدرب إبـتـــكـار مـعـتـمـد

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister, Emir of Dubai launched the Cabinet logo new era: "We are living a new phase, entitled President Innovation" Clearly demonstrated interest in the logo through holding the innovation week in UAE and launch top knowledge deemed the roadmap for advancing innovation. It also shows this interest through the development of innovation services and laboratories of innovation in government bodies at the State level.

The fact that the Emirates sought vigorously in direct and serious of wise leadership towards innovation as a strategic alternative to traditional sources of income, and strive to be its achievements at Innovation levels towards the world. According to the statement of, Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Maktoum (innovation is emirates road to the heart of the world). Work on the implementation of vital projects on innovation is a prerequisite for this stage and formed the basis for the launch of the next stages.

Note that this general trend can be generalized to the entire Gulf region. From above comes the idea of providing a specialized training course on Training the Trainers on Innovation as:

  • Activate and develop innovation systems depends mainly on Activity Training with Academic Reference
  • Preparation of trainers in the field of innovation is considered of adding quality on Activity Training at the State level.
  • The attention of the large segment of trainers and who interest on qualification in the field of innovation, which increases their chances of improving their career level.
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