Arabic Language

Classical Arabic is the language that is used in the Quran (Koran), and is considered holy by Muslims. Islamic people will not translate the Quran into other languages so that they can understand it better; instead, they will learn Arabic to fully understand a more genuine meaning of what is trying to be conveyed. If you wish to try to understand the holy religious text of the Quran, for whatever reason, then learning Arabic is your first step. Many religious schools, particularly in the Middle East are also almost entirely Arabic-speaking.

As was mentioned, it is the official language of 26 countries, making it the third most common language after English and French to be an official language. Learning Standard Arabic can help enormously if you wish to understand any number of colloquial Arabic forms of language. However, the only kind of Arabic that has attained an official language status is that of Maltese, though it is often not even considered to come under that umbrella any more due to this form of the Arabic language being so formatively different in a modern tongue.